Orchestra Director reflects on Concerto Curriculum (sponsored by Citizens Energy Group) experience


The three days that we spent with Andrew Staupe were nothing short of miraculous!  From the minute that I met him that first day at Broad Ripple Magnet H.S., I knew that he was going to have a very special personal and working relationship with the Broad Ripple Orchestra as well as the entire student body.  Tuesday and Thursday started at 8:00 a.m. and ran practically nonstop until 2:30 p.m.  Talking with and playing for over 20 different classes, he incorporated elements of Theater, Speech, History , Music Theory, Science and of course Music into his presentations and discussions.  The students were mesmerized!  The underlying theme for all of his presentations was: Go after whatever your passion is in life, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve it!  How powerful and insightful a message that was for our students to hear!


Photo by Daniel McCullough

On Wednesday, we traveled to school #91, where I teach part time, and met my 4th-8th grade string players as well as two middle school classes.  The students absolutely loved him and were enthralled with his playing of Star Wars, Charlie Brown, Jaws and Fur Elise!


Photo by Daniel McCullough

The highlight of our week was our concert with Andrew.  It was nothing short of magical!  He was able to take the orchestra to the next level, and leave them with a sense of accomplishment that has sometimes not been felt in professional orchestras.

We were truly blessed to have been able to meet and spend time working with Andrew.  He is a truly amazing musician.

IMG_9076Photo by Daniel McCullough

Leslie Bartolowits

Orchestra Director – Broad Ripple Magnet H.S.


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