Donor Spotlight: Dr. & Mrs. Rick & Janet Barb

Meet Rick and Janet Barb, donors with a passion for supporting organizations who are doing work important to them.


In addition to medicine and faith-based interests, music is an important focus of support for both of them due to strong influences early in the couple’s lives. Although Rick’s dad would later become a dentist, he had a first career as a professional musician in movie theaters where he played saxophone. His dad also encouraged Rick to listen to Charles Munch and the Boston Symphony on the radio. Both Rick and Janet play instruments; Rick plays alto sax and Janet plays the piano and the violin.

Although the Barbs have been involved with American Pianists Association for many years, they started attending more concerts recently to bring their great-niece, Laura, who plays the piano, to hear the Classical Fellowship Awards. The couple also found themselves attending more Music Matters concerts where they met others who support APA. They began to feel closer to the organization and feel more at home.

About 10 years ago, the Barbs created a family foundation at Central Indiana Community Foundation. It is through this foundation they made a gift to support Gerard Schwarz during the 2013 ProLiance Energy Classical Fellowship Awards.

Why did you create a family foundation?
“At this stage in life we can give. And, since we can, we should.”

Why do you support the American Pianists Association?
“American Pianists Association is extremely well-managed; look at what APA is doing with what they have. No other organization in the city is doing better. We have confidence in Dr. Harrison and the rest of the staff.”

What do you hope to achieve with your donations?
“We need to develop young musicians so there is music in the future. The work APA does to nurture future audiences is also very important.”

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If you would like information about how to support the American Pianists Association, please contact Julia Holbrook at 317-940-9371 or


Author: americanpianistsassociation

The mission of the American Pianists Association is to discover, promote and advance the careers of young, American jazz and classical pianists.

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