Toby supports the American Pianists Association (APA) because she loves music and enjoys attending cultural events. Having played piano quite seriously as a child, she was introduced to APA around 2007 and was drawn to the classical concerts and competitions. On the other hand, her husband, Jeff, studied saxophone at Ball State University and just ended a 12-year stint as a volunteer co-host of the radio show, Jazz Suite,on WFHB in Bloomington, IN. APA offers the best of both worlds to this music-loving couple, and through the organization, they each get to share their favorite musical genres with each other.

Toby Gill

Recently, Toby and Jeff started making monthly donations. These gifts are automatically charged to her credit card every month and have allowed her to increase her support to the organization.

For Indianapolis to be the home of the APA is truly special. The APA provides our community the opportunity to listen to the highest caliber of music performed by amazing pianists from around the nation,” says Toby. “One not only gets to hear great young artists in intimate atmospheres, but also gets to observe and participate in the development of the careers of these artists. This is a very rewarding experience.

Toby also likes some of the special events APA has produced. One her favorite concerts, a recent Grand Encounters with Sean Chen and Dan Tepfer, featured both classical and jazz music. She and her husband both got to enjoy their favorite musical genres in one evening. “Sean and Dan’s concert was unique in that the audience was able to hear Sean beautifully perform familiar classical compositions, and then listen to Dan improvise on the themes. We sat just feet from the piano in the intimate setting of The Jazz Kitchen, and felt fortunate to be part of the American Pianists Association experience. Afterward, we were given the opportunity to mingle with Sean and Dan, as the APA encourages the audience to engage with the musicians. This is always a treat!

Speaking of meeting people, Toby likes to attend Music Matters, the series for donors in private homes that brings music and lectures to small groups of APA supporters. Again, she enjoys the intimacy of the experience along with meeting other people who are as passionate about music as she is.

Finally, Toby likes the outreach APA does through the program, Concerto Curriculum. At a time when the government is pulling funding away from the arts, she feels the work we do in the schools is critical. Toby feels it is important for children to learn the value of the arts and knows that APA accomplishes this by exposing and involving local high school students with Finalists of the classical and jazz competitions.

If you would like information on how to support American Pianists Association through our monthly giving program, please contact Milner Fuller at 317-940-8445 or


Author: americanpianistsassociation

The mission of the American Pianists Association is to discover, promote and advance the careers of young, American jazz and classical pianists.

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