American Pianists Association presents classical pianist Frederic Chiu in a brunch concert at the Columbia Club, located on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, Sunday, January 31, 2016.

Columbia Club

11:00 AM || Mimosas in the Grand Lobby

11:45 AM || Brunch in the Crystal Terrace

12:30 PM || Concert by American Pianists Association 1985 Classical Fellow, Frederic Chiu

Frederic Chiu 1.31

TICKETS: 317.940.9945 |

APA: Where did you grow up?

FREDERIC: Born in Ithaca NY, but lived in Indianapolis since age 6

FC 2 years old picFrederic Chiu at age 2

APA: What attracted you to the piano/can you play any other instruments?

FREDERIC: My parents had an old player piano, and they started me on lessons at age 6. I also played cello starting age 9, oboe age 11 and French Horn age 12. I stuck with cello for 7 years, and played in Indianapolis All City and All State orchestras, but the piano was my first instrument and I kept with it through all of that.

FC Band uniform picFrederic Chiu in his band uniform

APA: What age were you when you started to play the piano?

FREDERIC: Lessons started at age 6. I didn’t play before that, as we didn’t have a piano before moving to Indianapolis.

APA: How has your life changed since winning APA’s classical competition?

FREDERIC: I won the APA competition very early, in both the APA’s life and my own life! 1985, when I was only 20. I was just starting out as a performer, so the experience that the APA brought me, through the competition itself and the various concerts that came about because of it, were all significant and changed my perspective on what a career meant.

APA: What does it mean to you to be part of the APA family?

FREDERIC: Winning the APA’s classical competition was one of the most important things to happen to me in my career. I’m so happy to see the organization moving forward, constantly breaking new ground and promoting its values, and I’m particularly proud to have been able to contribute to that, as a Fellow, in my role as director of Deeper Performance Studies workshops, as an adviser, as a judge.

IMG_4840American Pianists Association 30th Anniversary Party
(l to r): ’89 Classical Fellow Stephen Prutsman, ’85 Classical Fellow Frederic Chiu, ’95 Classical Fellow J.Y. Song, ’09 Classical Fellow Grace Fong, ’94 Jazz Laureate Reginald Thomas, ’07 & ’11 Jazz Laureate Jeremy Siskind, APA President/CEO & Artistic Director Joel Harrison

APA: Why should someone support the American Pianists Association?

FREDERIC: The APA is unique among the major competitions in how it approaches the idea of competition and career development. Obviously, young pianists need financial support and logistic support, and the APA provides both. And then there is the moral and community support that is priceless.

It is also an inclusive organization that welcomes the involvement of enthusiasts, as audience members, as host families, as sponsors, as volunteers. The APA deserves to receive support from people, but people should support it for their own self-interest of being involved in great music-making and community-building.

donate button
APA: Favorite memory from your APA experiences?

FREDERIC: Monster piano concerts with other Fellows, where we played Czerny arrangements for 8 pianists, and an arrangement of The Blue Danube.

APA: Favorite memory with you host family?

FREDERIC: When I was in the competition, I was “local”, so my host family was my own family! However, I’ve since met a number of host families and had the great pleasure of staying with them while judging and performing. My family has moved away from Indianapolis, so now I only have a few friends from that long-ago period. But there are always new friends that I meet every time I come to Indianapolis.

APA: Interesting fact about yourself?

FREDERIC: I received a BS in Computer Science at Indiana University, but in fact, I was already playing around with an IBM mainframe at Indiana Central College (aka Indiana Central University, aka Indianapolis University) when I was pre-teen, accompanying my father who was a professor there, in Math, Physics and Computer Science. He would grade papers and I would punch cards and create graphic images with the printer through computer formulas.
I was also the fastest typist in my typing class in 8th grade. I was always comfortable with keyboards, I guess!



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The mission of the American Pianists Association is to discover, promote and advance the careers of young, American jazz and classical pianists.

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